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Romantic Wedding Packages For Intimate Weddings and Elopements

(Suitable for groups of up to 30 or so; for larger groups, we offer Custom Planning Services)

After working with couples for years, we have discovered that there are certain common denominators that most couples want at their weddings.

To cater to these desires, and to make life simpler, we have developed packages which provide a romantic yet affordable wedding for smaller groups. All with the level of quality and professionalism that Weddings In Sedona provides. You may experience our comprehensive packages “as is,” or customize them with a virtually unlimited range of services. They may also be combined with a “mini-reception” or elegant dinner.

Outdoor Wedding Packages Chapel Wedding Packages
  • The Red Rock Floral
  • The Sedona Secret
  • The Shaman's Blessing
  • The Red Rock Elegant
  • The Red Rock Balloon
  • The Red Rock Chapel "basic"
  • The Red Rock Chapel "elegant"
  • The Red Rock Chapel "abundant" (TlaquePaque)
  • The Red Rock Chapel "abundant" (Sedona Creative Life Center)
Photo by: Andrew Holman Photography