Native American Wedding Ceremony

Native American  wedding ceremony  Sedona Arizona

A beautiful ritual to celebrate your marriage

A Native American wedding ceremony is a unique, powerful, and moving way to begin your married journey together. Sedona is sacred to many Native American Native American  wedding ceremony  Sedona Arizonanations, which makes Sedona the perfect place to experience an authentic Native American wedding.Native American  wedding ceremony  Sedona Arizona

At Weddings in Sedona, we are respectful of Native religious and cultural traditions. That’s why we would only consider employing authentic Native American officiants to conduct these ceremonies. This also helps keep these revered traditions alive.

You may incorporate a Native American ceremony into any of our wedding packages, or a “custom” wedding. Or, consider our “Shaman’s Blessing” package which includes both a Native American officiant and a Native American flutist.


Top right and center photo by Jane in the Woods Photography
Top left photo by: Andrew Holman Photography